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The dairy production in Domažlice has a long tradition on the market. It has been mentionned in the historical books in 1898, when a dairy/cheese factory specializing in the production of fine Camembert cheeses was founded. The First World War (1914-1918), however, meant the decline of many dairies in our territory, including the dairy in Domažlice, so its activities were terminated.

In the 60s and 70s, Romadúr and Lučina cheeses were produced here, as well as curds, yogurts and drinking milk for sale. In 1981-1982, the maximum capacity of milk filling was 7,000 liters per hour, it was unique in the entire Czechoslovakia. In 1968, the production of white cheese "Istanbuli" was started for export to Beirut (Lebanon).

Starting 1998, the ownership is transferred to Namara s.r.o., under the leadership of Ing. Elie Abdulnour, who continued the production of white fresh cheeses in brine, and developed the export to the Middle-East, especially Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Lebanon, occasional exports also to Africa, to the Ivory Coast and, to a lesser extent, to Europe, to Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain.

NAMARA s.r.o. has been elected as the winner of the 19th annual DHL UniCredit Export Award in the Small Company category.

Our team believes in the importance of healthy dairy products, produced under the best HACCP and quality standards, selecting the best premium fresh cow milk, and producing according to the traditional receipt, free of any preservatives or emulsifiers.




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Food production in our company places great emphasis on hygienic standards and parameters, so that we can guarantee the delivery of quality products to the end customer.

That is why we have implemented a system of critical points, the so-called HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points), which decide on the health safety of the final product, identify dangers in time and prevent damage to the health of the consumer.

Therefore, our main goal is always to guarantee the safe and premium quality of raw materials, which during the production process require strict adherence to a whole series of procedures that will ensure the preservation of the quality of food products with regard to their specifics so that the customer can enjoy a gourmet experience from "farm to table".

Our Team

Ing. Dani Mawla, MBA

Plant director

Tel: +420 733 523 217

Email: dani.mawla@namara.cz

Lucie Studýnková

Invoices / Purchase / Logistics

Tel: +420 732 523 232

Email: namara.domazlice@namara.cz

Jitka Schönfeldová

Payroll accountant

Tel: +420 774 420 702

Email: mzdy@namara.cz

Ing. Jana Ticháčková

Accounting and finance

Tel: +420 606 377 442

Email: jana.tichackova@namara.cz


Ing. Elie Abdulnour

Executive director / Company owner

+420 602 303 850


Namara s.r.o.

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147 00 Praha 4

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